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The City of Lynn is looking to develop three parking lots downtown. We believe this public land should serve the public good. Currently, many of us are faced with insecure, overcrowded, and/or unsafe living situations due to the rising costs of housing, and our incomes can't keep up. Our city has many social needs that won't be fixed by more exclusive, high-cost housing development. This is building two Lynns - one for greedy developers and the other for hardworking people struggling to make ends meet. WE SAY NO MORE! We want to build a new Lynn that works for all of us.

To build a city that works for all of us, all of us need to have a say. New Lynn Coalition is working with our many communities to develop a DEMOCRATIC COMMUNITY VISION for these 3 city-owned parking lots. This where YOU come in. We want to know what you think is most important for our city as we grow. What would you build on these parking lots if you were in charge? What are your hopes for the future of downtown Lynn, and how can a new building help them come true? This is our city, our families, our future. We demand a say in how Lynn grows and changes.

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