Virtual or in person


 Join the New Lynn Coalition - Internship Opportunities Available! 🌟
Are you ready to make a meaningful impact on our community, enhance your skills, and add valuable experience to your resume? The New Lynn Coalition is offering internship opportunities, both virtual and in-person, in an array of roles that cater to your passion and skills.
Internship Fields:
  1. Communication: Under the supervision of professionals, refine your communication skills and amplify awareness of our cause.
  2. Database Management: Learn the art of database organization and management, guided by experienced mentors.
  3. Community Outreach: Engage with the community, expand your knowledge, and improve your outreach skills.
  4. Social Media: Under professional guidance, manage and promote our initiatives on social media platforms.
  5. Website Management: Gain hands-on experience in website maintenance and management, mentored by experts.
  6. Finance/Accounting/Budgeting: Work closely with financial experts to understand financial management and budgeting in a non-profit setting.
  7. Campaign Organizing: Learn campaign strategy and execution from seasoned organizers, contributing to impactful causes.
  8. Event Arrangement: Collaborate with event professionals to organize impactful events.
  9. Researcher: Conduct vital research under the guidance of experienced researchers, supporting evidence-based decision-making.
  10. Publication: Create informative publications and enhance your writing skills to share our work and vision.
  11. Phone Bank Calling: Improve your communication skills while supporting community outreach efforts over the phone, with professional mentorship.
  • Passion to learn and make a difference.
  • Studying in a specific field relevant to the internship role.
Visit to learn more about the pressing issues we're addressing and the causes we're championing.
No financial compensation is provided, but this internship offers a priceless addition to your resume, hands-on experience, and the opportunity to participate in various projects, programs, and campaigns run by the New Lynn Coalition.
Apply online at or submit your resume to Join us, enhance your skills under professional guidance, and be a driving force for positive change in our community!