Tanveer Malik
Executive Director

Tanveer Malik is a seasoned advocate for community development and social harmony, whose career spans over 20 years of impactful work at both local and international levels. With a strong affiliation to various United Nations agencies, Tanveer has become a global change-maker, dedicating his efforts to creating positive change in diverse communities worldwide.

Throughout his career, Tanveer has worked closely with esteemed UN agencies, including UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), and UNOCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). His collaboration with these influential organizations has allowed him to contribute significantly to their efforts in sustainable development, education, culture, and humanitarian assistance.

Tanveer's extensive experience with international non-profit groups, such as World Vision, ActionAid, ION, HelpAge International, and Church World Services, has further honed his expertise in addressing critical global challenges. From refugee crises to humanitarian aid initiatives, Tanveer's passion for making a difference has translated into tangible positive outcomes for those in need.

Based in Lynn, Tanveer has forged strong networks with the local community, understanding their unique needs and aspirations. His commitment to community development is reflected in his initiatives, such as establishing a health-eating youth club and community garden, aimed at combating food insecurity and promoting healthy lifestyles among the youth in Lynn.

Tanveer has organized dialogue sessions between members of diverse religious backgrounds, including Muslims, Jews, white Christians, and black Christians. These sessions foster love, understanding, and common ground, promoting mutual respect and unity within the community.

Tanveer has been instrumental in helping many individuals and families settle into their new homes and communities, providing them with the support and resources needed to rebuild their lives.

Tanveer's advocacy efforts extend to affordable housing and empowering the working-class population in Lynn, as he continues to raise his voice to improve living conditions for all. His dedication to combatting food insecurity and promoting inclusivity among diverse religious groups showcases his commitment to building a harmonious and compassionate society.

In addition to his humanitarian work, Tanveer is an ardent champion for affordable housing and empowering the working-class population in Lynn. His dedication to combatting food insecurity and promoting unity among diverse religious communities reflects his commitment to building an inclusive and harmonious society.

Tanveer Malik's global impact, coupled with his deep-rooted dedication to community development and social harmony, has earned him a reputation as a true change-maker. His unwavering passion and transformative initiatives continue to inspire and uplift, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change both locally and globally

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